Our Services

Learn how Minato HR International can help with your payroll and social insurance responsibilities.

Social Insurance and Labor Insurance Filings

Social and labor insurance procedures can be complicated and cumbersome in Japan. We handle the paperwork to get your insurance filings processed smoothly. Let IHRP take care of all your insurance applications, including management work compensation insurance (rousai hoken tokubetsu kanyu) and foreign worker pension insurance lump sum payouts (kousei nenkin hoken dattai ichijikin).


You need to keep your salary information confidential internally as well as externally. Outsourcing to a sharoushi knowledgeable in social insurance and labor issues is the best way to handle payroll. Leave the burden of payroll to us so you can focus on your main business. We also provide expat gross-up calculation services. And there’s no need to worry about communication; we speak English.

Work Rules and Company Policies

The best way to avoid the increasing number of labor disputes is to put appropriate company policies in place. We help you prepare the rules of employment and policies related to wages, child and family care leave, retirement benefits, travel expenses and other issues important for your company. If your company headquarters already has an Employee Handbook in place, we can help you adapt it to meet Japanese labor laws.

HR Consulting

We advise our clients on a wide range of labor issues, from interpreting social insurance and labor law to employee dismissal, work hours, wages, changes in working conditions and sexual harassment, among others. Consultation services can be provided in English.

English-Language Policies

Increasing numbers of our clients need to be able to explain their company policies to non-Japanese workers or to overseas parent companies and affiliates in English. We can translate your policies into English or prepare them in English. In the case of translation of your policies, you’ll also receive expert advice on their content from a sharoushi.

Foreign Worker Employment

We assist companies hiring or looking to hire foreign workers with the employment process.