The features of Minato HR International

A seamless outsourcing solution for your human resources and payroll functions in English or Japanese.

Minato HR International is a nationally certified social insurance and labor law firm. Amidst increasing economic globalization, companies face a need for a global perspective on employment management. We specialize in providing integrated support for human resources and labor management, from business startup to hiring of foreign nationals, in Japanese or English. We help you navigate the complexities of Japan’ s social insurance system and labor regulations in plain, clear English. The culture and working environment of companies based outside Japan often differ greatly from those of Japanese companies. Minato HR International works closely with you to provide you with the solution that is right for your company.

Are you dealing with any of these issues?

I need to create work rules that reflect my parent company's Employee Handbook in English and Japanese.

We will review your parent company’s Employee Handbook for compliance with Japanese labor laws and customs, and draw up work rules and company policies in English and Japanese.

Our overseas parent company has questions regarding human resource management in Japan, and they need the information in English.

We will meet or communicate with human resource management at your company to provide the necessary information in English.

We have expats employees, so we need gross-up payroll calculation.

You can feel confident that at YHR, your gross-up calculations are handled by experience professionals.

I have issues that must be kept confidential, so I need to meet with someone outside of regular work hours.

Feel free to send us an email or call at any time, or make an appointment for a confidential consultation.